Om at Last is a new spiritual global tribal trance band,

weaving a cosmic alchemical  fusion of  dynamic beats, world tribal grooves, devotional chants and psychedelic electronica. Produced and directed by Omkaro (a.k.a. Om), OM AT LAST is dedicated to creating uplifting transformational music and events which energize, expand, activate, heal, realign, and unify us.


Omkaro  a.k.a. Om,  is the founder, producer, and leader of this unique band.. Besides a musician and composer, he is a modern-day shaman, spiritual healer, and music producer.

He is well known for his role as 'beat-central" for Lost At Last, a well known band from Maui, Hawaii which attracted a large following on the west coast of the USA from 1997 till 2005.

also available on itunes, amazon, and other popular download sites.

“LOST AT LAST was one of the greatest consciousness awakening bands to ever grace the planet. Go listen to Diamond Body to get an idea. It is FREE at the link above. OM's Techno-tribal beats set the stage for an entire revolution in that field. There is a reason that with one email thousands would be there in a few days and both grandmothers and 5 years olds would be dancing. There music will get you moving and lift your spirit.”  

§  Richard Van Donk, Founder of the Optimal Life Academy