Omkaro (a.k.a. Om)  is a spiritual healer, meditation teacher, musician, and Life Transformational Counsellor. He has spent over 30 years involved in spiritual growth. He has spent time with many enlightened mystics and teachers and trained in various energy work practices.

Freedom Sessions

If you are needing guidance, or healing in any area of your emotional, mental or spiritual life, Om may be of great service to the upliftment of your being. He has a gift in being able to quickly identify and resolve what is stopping you from feeling the joy, love, peace and freedom that you are!

In these sessions, Om explores with you any issues in your life that you are unclear about, or are experiencing suffering on any level.

Each session is completely unique, and is a reflection from source back to the client. A session usually involves a dialogue between Om and the client to help identify where the client is “stuck” in a pattern of suffering. Usually it is a feeling that the client does not want to feel, or a thought or thoughts they are believing that is simply not true. With deep presence, Om gently guides you into more clarity, and helps “free” up the stuck energy pattern. This can sometimes be a very quick and dynamic process, but in other cases can take a few sessions to unravel the suffering.

Energy work is sometimes called upon to help free up the energy. In any case, the sessions usually end in a powerful “healing energy transmission” which focuses divine energy to help seal in any healings that have occured in the session, or to create a strong intention for continued healing in areas specific to what has been uncovered in the session.